Equipment and Add-Ons
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DJ Paul Michaels uses only the top of the line, most reliable equipment available.

INCLUDED Basic Audio System

All setups include the following:
  • Numark NS7ii (Mixing board)
    • Top of the line head unit/controller
  • Apple MacBook Pro
    • Uses industry standard Serato DJ software
    • Dedicated 2gb NVIDIA Graphics Card (for DJing Music Videos at some events)
  • 2 (Two) QSC Powered Speakers
    • 1000 Watt 12″ Two-Way Powered Speakers
    • Wood cabinets to provide extra bass (industry standard plastic cabinets cannot compete)
  • Shure Wireless Microphone
    • Industry standard for live performances
  • Shure Wired Microphone
  • Furman Power Conditioner

INCLUDED Intelligent Lighting*

*Included in all weddings, and most private events!
  • 2 (Two) Glow Totems
    • Include uplights for each, can be set to make the totem any color
    • 9ft tall with lights. Shorter totems available for venues with short ceilings
    • Brings a classy, professional look to the lights
    • Does not give the cross-bar/thatched look of regular box truss
  • 2 (Two) High Powered, High-End “Moving Head” Lights (same kind used at concerts and festivals)
    • Includes eight (8) ‘gobos’ with different patterns to be projected
    • Customized setup for every venue!
  • Atmospheric Effect (Hazer) to allow all beams of light to be seen during dancing! (If allowed by venue)

Some events require add-ons such as additional audio (dependent on the size of the venue, and number of guests, etc), while some add-ons are completely optional. Paul will provide honest advice and professional recommendations for all of these throughout your discussions with him.


Uplighting/decor lighting is one of the most cost effective and elegant ways to add to the ambiance in your banquet hall/venue. Since the uplights are computerized, they can match with your theme (static color all night) and then during the dancing portion of the evening, lighting changes to the beat of your music. This level of sophistication is something that guests are not familiar with and they usually respond enthusiastically. The uplights can also help boost the energy throughout the entire room during your grand entrance by changing colors! Includes up to 18 uplights.

Dancing on Clouds Effect

Want to have a your first dance be the dance that everyone will remember? The dancing on the clouds effect accomplishes this by making your wedding even more unique than it already was. This add-on produces 1-2 feet of fog (it stays on the ground, and does not rise) on the dance floor for your first dance and/or grand entrance. It really gives you the surreal effect of dancing on the clouds. Unlike normal fog, this has no risk of setting off any venue smoke detectors.

Name in Lights

A custom design or monogram will be created with your names or initials to create a sophisticated, personalized effect which can be shined onto a wall, dance floor, or behind the head table using a high end digital projector. This ensures the image is focused from all angles. This addon is recommended to be used with the uplighting package.

Additional Audio Coverage

This can include either additional speakers, different speakers (such as an array like you may see at a concert), or a subwoofer. Speak with Paul to decide which would be best for you. Recommended for some events with over 200 guests, large venues, or where extra bass is important. Custom configurations can be created for events up to 3000!