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The differences between Multi-Op and Single-Op DJ companies explained!

BY IN Wedding Tips On April 20, 2015

You may have heard this verbiage during your hunt for a DJ (or any vendor for that matter). There is no right or wrong here, they are just different. Some people want to work with a “multi-op” and some prefer to work with a “single-op” such as DJ Paul Michaels. Here’s the main differences:



  • Large company, with many DJs/MCs
  • Can send staff and gear to many events in the same night
  • Has an office with regular business hours
  • You meet with a salesperson to book the wedding
  • You meet with an event planner/specialist to plan your wedding (sometimes the salesperson doubles in this role)
  • Doesn’t usually assign the actual DJ until your wedding is soon approaching
  • Your DJ may not have a connection with you if they were assigned the event randomly
    • NOTE in some cases, the multi-op lets you specifically choose/pick your DJ at the time of booking, and work with that DJ up until your event date
  • Backup plan if the DJ cannot show for your event: Has other DJs within the company that should be able to cover the event

Single Op

  • Individual person, who usually has assistants or other staff to assist them for your wedding or event
  • Can generally work one event per day
  • Might have an office, but more than likely does not. Has flexible hours, and can usually be personally reached at odd times. Will be happy to meet you at a convenient location for both of you instead of requiring you to come to them
  • You work with the same person the entire time, who is the same as the person who DJs your wedding
  • Personal touch – you build a connection with your DJ
  • Backup Plan if the DJ cannot show for your event: Usually (this should always be confirmed ahead of time) has other colleagues/DJs who have confirmed availability for your event date and can take over if needed


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