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The 5 Best Wedding Websites You Haven’t Heard Of

BY IN Wedding Tips On August 3, 2015

When starting to plan a wedding, it’s easy to get tangled in “The Knot”, or lost down the rabbit hole of Pinterest (so many DIYs, so little time!). While both sites are great resources, they certainly aren’t the end-all be-all of wedding planning websites. Check out five of our favorite wedding websites that we think are worth a click.


  • A Practical Wedding – If the thought of a $10,000 gown sends your jaw to the floor, this may be the wedding website for you. A Practical Wedding (or, APW) takes a laid-back, go-with-the-flow, no pressure approach to wedding planning by normalizing each individual couples’ experience. Planning a Jewish-Italian wedding at a San Francisco Men’s Club (with epic dance party)? Rock it out! One of the strongest features of APW is their spreadsheets section. They offer free, downloadable spreadsheets (and Google Docs!) for everything from your guest list to your day-of-ceremony timeline. A dream wedding website for the type A bride-to-be.


  • Zola – It’s time to register and you’re faced with a dilemma – you love the Kate Spade sheets from Macy’s, but the Cuisinart blender from Bed Bath and Beyond is dreamy, and you simply couldn’t start married life without the mini pumpkin cocotte from Sur La Table (even if you aren’t totally sure what a cocotte is). How do you cover all of your registry wishes without including a list of links that looks like the source page from a college paper? The answer is Zola. This wedding website keeps all of your registry items from various sources in one place. On top of that hugely obvious benefit, they also let the bride and groom control the shipping dates, so your first night home together isn’t spent in a fort of boxes. Zola also allows your guests to collaborate on gifts, includes its own personal app, and helps manage your thank you cards post-“I Do”.


  • Squarespace – For the slightly more tech-savvy couple, Squarespace offers a website building and hosting service that leaves little to be desired. Their pre-made website templates are a feast for the eyes, while the ease of their interface makes the average Joe Groom feel like Mark Zuckerberg. Plus, the ability to create a custom domain name for your personal wedding website adds an air of cool all its’ own.


  • Offbeat Bride – Just as the name implies, this wedding website caters to the more…alternative bride. Showcasing weddings that range from tattooed to Dr. Who’d, Offbeat Bride rejects the one-size-fits-all wedding, and embraces the more unique.


  • HitchSwitch – For brides planning on changing their last name after the “I Do’s” are swapped, this site is a godsend. Instead of spending your first weeks post-honeymoon waiting in line at the DMV, HitchSwitch offers a variety of packages that handle the work for you. After all, time is money, and that’s time that could be spent with your new hubby!


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Sarah resides in Chicago as a semi-professional wedding guest and bride-to-be. She considers an open bar non-negotiable, and enjoys reorganizing her Pinterest wedding boards and e-mailing vendors while pretending to be doing proper office work.

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