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The 5 Best Wedding Websites You Haven’t Heard Of

When starting to plan a wedding, it’s easy to get tangled in “The Knot”, or lost down the rabbit hole of Pinterest (so many DIYs, so little time!). While both sites are great resources, they certainly aren’t the end-all be-all

The differences between Multi-Op and Single-Op DJ companies explained!

You may have heard this verbiage during your hunt for a DJ (or any vendor for that matter). There is no right or wrong here, they are just different. Some people want to work with a “multi-op” and some prefer

December 2014 Wedding News Digest

Wedding planning can be stressful! DJ Paul Michaels wants to make your planning process as effortless and fun as possible with this monthly Wedding News Digest. Below are articles with helpful Chicago Wedding tips, or a bit of laughter. Happy Wedding Planning! WEDDING PLANNING

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