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June 2015 Wedding News Digest

BY IN Wedding Tips On June 3, 2015

Wedding planning can be stressful! DJ Paul Michaels wants to make your planning process as effortless and fun as possible with this monthly Wedding News Digest. Below are articles with helpful Chicago Wedding tips, or a bit of laughter. Happy Wedding Planning!

This month, we are counting down to your big day with you!


5 Creative Bachelorette Ideas

Groupon Guide Staff writer Alison Hamm has a few interesting bachelorette party ideas for that non-traditional bride. She gives some great tips on bringing your party (or best friend’s party) to the next level!

4 ways to stop singing the post-wedding blues

Your actual wedding day will be here and gone with just a blink of an eye! NewsOK has 4 ways to beat the post-wedding high and enjoy settling into the next chapter of your lives.

3 MUST-have wedding apps

Your actual wedding day will be here and gone with just a blink of an eye! Wedding Mix Blog at found three apps that are a must-have during your wedding to help capture all those memories.

3 Must Have Wedding Apps for 2015

2 weeks and counting

BridalGuide has compiled a 2-week list of items to check off when you are winding down to the last two weeks (yay!) before your wedding. This will help ease your nerves, and keep the ahem…bridezilla away.

1 Faux-Pas: Uninviting a guest to your wedding


Sometimes things arise, or relationships change and you are not sure if you want someone to be there during your special day. gives us feedback on one tough decision, to uninvite or not to uninvite?

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