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Full Event Customization

DJ Paul Michaels will work with you to custom tailor your event to be exactly how you’ve imagined! The possibilities are endless!

Always Available to Discuss Your Event

DJ Paul Michaels is available to discuss the details of your event whether the meeting be in person, via phone, or via video chat!

Cloud Based Planning Tools

Every client has access to online planning tools and music requests for your event. This can even be enabled for your guests or event attendees (by request)!

Nothing Cheesy!

DJs need to stay current with the times, and we’re no exception! You won’t expect us to be seen anywhere near corny YMCA outfits, or trying to make your event all about us! It’s your event, and we feel that the spotlight should be on you!


The Process

Haven’t booked a DJ before?
Wondering what the process from here is?

Luckily, we’ve spelled it all out for you. Click through the tabs on the left to understand what it takes to get DJ Paul Michaels for your event!


Check Availability

DJ Paul Michaels is one person. (Hopefully this doesn’t shock you). He can only DJ one event per day. Once that day is booked, he is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

However – Paul has some great associate DJs that work for him and have a great track record of performance at events. Paul personally vets every DJ that works for him, and ensures your event will still be AWESOME! If you’d like to go this route, you can still book through DJ Paul Michaels, and all event planning will be with Paul, as long as you’re aware that he won’t be the one showing up the day of your event. This will always be EXTREMELY CLEAR, and listed in your contract.


Discuss Your Event

You should never book a DJ without knowing what they’ll be providing and doing for you!

DJ Paul Michaels personally chats with every client to make sure that all their expectations will be met or exceeded before even booking an event! This conversation can be via phone, video chat, or in-person.

If after chatting and/or meeting with Paul, if you don’t want to book or feel that it isn’t the right fit, no worries! These meetings come with NO OBLIGATION TO BOOK!


Sign a Contract

Let’s ink it out and get this on paper! (Well, so to speak)
At this point, to book DJ Paul Michaels for your event, you need to sign a contract, which is done online using an e-Contract. The contract can be signed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. This contract is in place to make sure all the main event details (such as location, timing, and pricing) are all confirmed and locked down.

The contract is in place to protect you as the client, as well as to protect DJ Paul Michaels. The contract is co-signed (by Paul), and you’ll immediately be provided a downloadable, printable PDF file with the co-signed contract.



In order to fully “lock it down” and confirm Paul (or one of his associates) for your event, you’ll need to send your non-refundable retainer fee via check in the mail, Chase QuickPay (compatible with Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and First Bank), or via Credit Card.


Planning Your Event

From the time of “locking down” DJ Paul Michaels for your event, you’ll work with Paul to plan your event and customize it to make it perfect in every way, especially for you! For weddings, this includes full event coordination and planning!

“My wife’s goal was to have the dance floor packed all night and not to let the party die out, and [DJ Paul Michaels] succeeded over and above.”

We heard of DJ Paul through a friend of his that he went to school with. At the first meeting I could tell he was very thorough and took his job seriously. Every detail was needed and his goal was to help make our wedding perfect. His online system worked out really well, gave lots of suggestions for when we got hung up on finding a song, and made it easy to work on over time at home at our pace rather then try and hash it all out at once in one meeting. What I really liked was that he was all about the bride, whatever she wanted was what she would get, not that he ignored the groom or everyone else, but knows the wedding was to be the most important day of her life and wanted it to be as such. My wife’s goal was to have the dance floor packed all night and not to let the party die out, and he succeeded over and above. In addition to music, he also brought up-lighting which tied our big room together so that it all felt like a party not just the dance floor, the projector and spot lighting for the dance floor, and what my wife really liked was his dancing on the clouds effect. For our first dance he had this fog machine that filled up the dance floor with fog making it look like we were literally dancing on clouds, awesome; none of the guests knew about it before hand and was definitely a highlight for everyone. So to those out there looking for a cheap dj with speakers that can play the normal top 40 songs, DJ Paul is not for you, he is a professional offering a service, and one must pay for professional service.

Krystina and Dan - Wedding in October 2015

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